My exhibition at Wilton Way ends today, heres the price list in case anybody would like to buy anything!! All prints are screen printed in limited editions, please email me at to buy or for more info. (Postage costs would be UK: £5 International: £10)

All this stuff will also be available tomorrow (Saturday Oct 4th 2014) at Bristol Comics & Zine Fair


Better late than never, here are the photos from joseph-p-kelly-art private view from earlier this September at Wilton Way Cafe in Hackney. It was great to see his exhibition go up this month.  It was also great to get drunk for free and bask in fluorescent acrylics. 

 Joe is a long time friend of ours and designs and prints many of UNiTY’s posters. He’s taught many of us everything we know about printing.Many of his original comic panels, poster art, and t-shirts are up for sale for very fair prices. If you don’t have the $$$ come by and pop your head in anyways! It’s well worth a visit.


Meet Chaz™ - Senior Marketing consultant at Solutions in Marketing Delivered.

Sneak peek into the OTT comic Alex McCullough & Joe P Kelly are working on for the S.A.D™ about the labour, ludicrousies and fantasy of the marketing industry. Expect an unusual, tongue in cheek story packed with references in their brand new collaborative comic.



Screen printed promotional poster for S.A.D
Designed by Alex McCullough & Joseph P Kelly

S.A.D is coming™

Sad is starting to come to life, I will have my first published comic since Mould Map in here, its all about marketing, p.r. and sitting in front of a computer! :\ Theres lots of other exciting artists involved as well…!

I screen printed my exhibition poster, theres a few up near the venue but I’ll still have a few at the Private View if anyone wants one!